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The YC food fair, held on April 19th, was a huge cultural breakthrough for our school. The art

program and Spanish program worked together to make a grand combination of cultural arts

and foods. Eryn Sunday, our spanish teacher, and Jenna Schaljo, our art teacher, worked

together to make it a fantastic event with some pretty great food. Ms. Sunday allowed her

advanced students to prepare a traditional dish from a Spanish­speaking country. Five groups

each prepared two different dishes from five differnt counrtys and allowed the people of Yamhill

Carlton to sample each one. It was a very fun project for everyone who participated, especially

the students. As well as having great food and atmosphere, the food fair helped raise some

money. Admission was five dollars and everything made was used to help out earthquake victims in South America.

It taught the students of YC of the different¬†cultures in a pretty fun way. So here’s to next year’s food fair, I’m sure it’ll be a

good one!