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One major question for many students at Yamhill Carlton High School is, “How can we integrate more animal science and animal husbandry classes at YC?” Through talking with Mrs. Spearman, one of the high schools animal science and agriculture teachers, it was announced there will  be more livestock classes offered this next year within the innovation of YC.

One issue is, if we were to offer too many more classes we would need more teachers and other resources that we don’t necessarily have the money for. Many students have big ideas on what would be a good class to have. In many minds, what would be really spectacular to see would be a class in which students would raise livestock such as pigs for a school project and for their final students would have to sell their animals, this would be a sort of animal husbandry and marketing class. Resources that would be required would be a shop or barn and all the supplies that are necessary for feeding and caring for an animal.

This class would be beneficial but very expensive and even with the recently passed bond a class like this is not being planned for, and the number of students that would actually be interested in the class is unknown. Students who are involved in 4H and FFA would most likely be highly interested in a class of this since, but 4H and FFA students at YC seem to be few and far between lately. This might have to do with our current technology age or with the sheer laziness of youth these days. So the next question is,  “how do we get students more involved?”