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Over the past 6 years, YCSC has grown dramatically, not only in size, but more importantly in soccer development. By building (and providing for free) the small, covered, lighted, turf pitch many opportunities were opened up, including numerous of soccer camps and high level visiting soccer coaches coming out the the YC area. In the beginning, the director of the Timbers Youth Academy, Mike Smith, came out and made sure the club was developing and growing in the right direction.

With the direction of Mike, came the idea of 3v3 small-sided games. YCSC soon adapted the idea for the preschool-2nd graders because 3v3 games help develop the kids soccer skills at the highest level. The small sided games have helped the younger kids learn how to move better and see both the  field and teammates, because the 3v3 creates a triangle forcing the smaller kids to keep on moving. 3v3 also allows more touches on the ball and the younger kids practice and work on their foot skills without the over crowded fields. These small games help the kids develop their foot skills preparing them for the future which will cause YC soccer to become increasingly stronger and more developed at younger ages.

By building the arena and bringing top national coaches to our community, we learn new ideas club wide. By being opened minded and using their ideas we open up numerous doors for our athletic community as a whole, and we will flourish and be incredibly successful in the future all the way up to through our high-school programs and beyond.

Josie Wright