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At YC even the students doubt there will be a day when our school will reach greatness in the athletic programs. That’s the problem, we let the past mistakes and the stigma get in our heads. If no one else believes then why should we, right? The thing is if the athletes want to see a change at YC then they need to do something about it. We all need to stop blaming others for our failures. Yamhill Carlton has all of the talent to be great, all it needs are kids who want to put in the time and believe they can get there once again.  It all starts with you…

To achieve greatness on the field/court/track you must have 5 character traits. Competitiveness, when you have a will to succeed you are one step closer to it. Determination, when you have  passion for the game and you love it so much you only want to get better. Drive, you need to want to win and not let anything stop you. Humility, be gracious with your talents but at the same time own them. Lastly confidence, you need to believe when you walk on that field/court/track you are the best there is. These are all the makings of a star athlete. An athlete that most anyone can be as long as they set their mind to it and fully engage themselves in this lifestyle. There are others, however,  who will always wish to take the path most commonly followed.

I myself have played the blame game but we can’t put all of our shortcomings on someone else. That’s the easy way out, believing you’re still on top, even in the face of your own undoing, when a little more hard work on your end could have been the difference in the game. As athletes we all need to start taking some ownership of our victories and losses. If we all went the extra mile, put in the extra hour, or even carved out the extra ten minutes in hopes that that little bit of work would be beneficial in some way then we might just see a few more state championships up on the gym walls, and not at Cascade or Stayton but in our very own, run down, home town gymnasium. YC could be the face of something fierce if we’d all give it that chance. I know for a fact that any athlete who truly loves their sport wants to be victorious and how cool  would it be if YOU were the ones who believed, and YOU were the ones who worked, and YOU were the ones who made that all a reality? I know I want to see the day where I can say “I helped lift the stigma and made YC athletics great again.” What about YOU.


By Reilly Southard