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As most of the community knows, the proposal for the YC bond passed. The school will start to undergo positive changes almost immediately. This is an amazing opportunity for Yamhill Carlton School District.

  The bond will benefit not only sports and academics, but also the fine arts programs. With the newly passed bond in place, the theatre will be moved out of the dilapidated shed and into what is currently the cafeteria. The current cafeteria has exceptional acoustics as well as a well sized stage to accommodate a larger cast.

  These changes will benefit the theatre program immensely. The struggle of cramming an entire cast into the very minimal backstage space will no longer be an issue. Student actors will be able to focus more on their acting and less on where they will find the space to store their costumes.

  The passing of the bond is a hugely beneficial endeavor at YC.

Kjersti LeClair