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With the retirement, at the end of this 2015-2016 school year, of beloved arts teacher and director, Brenda Longton, YC will be introducing a new teacher. This will change the face of the yamhill Carlton playmakers as well as the music programs throughout the school. Bringing in new visions and ideas will be extremely helpful to the innovation process. Yamhill Carlton’s fine arts programs deserve new and innovative ideas.

    This newly hired staff member, along with the recently passed school bond, will make huge differences in the fine arts programs around YC. Innovation of the arts programs will begin with the theater’s location being moved from it’s current location into the existing cafeteria, as well as innovation on a smaller scale, being the new visions that our new staff member will bring to our school. It is time for the Yamhill Calton School District to innovate the fine arts programs. This long overdue need will be fulfilled as we warmly welcome a new staff member to the YC family.

Kjersti LeClair