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Getting kids involved these days seems to be nearly impossible, but how can we change this? Living in the “technology-age”, everyday life is surrounded by technology and teens rely on it for support. Students are interested in technology and have grown up in the first technology based generation.  Teens have never known a life without internet, wifi, smartphones, and computers. Almost every teen has modern technology at their fingertips. With these advancements students have the opportunity to learn at an increasingly rapid rates.  

The modern technology being offered to students and the technology students are giving students the skills to broaden the spectrum for criteria that can be learned in one school year. Between the internet and social media students are more culturally diverse than ever. Students are less judgmental of peers because of the broad societies and cultures there exposed to through social media. Social media platforms and the internet are helping create more open minded students.  This leads to more understanding citizens.

Students have never had as much information open to them as they do now. Honestly, intelligence levels can only go up from here. They only reasons students are failing is because of their lack of effort, all students can conquer the assignments that are set in front of them. Teachers and technology are providing them with endless tool and learning opportunities. It is just up to the student to reach out put in the small amount of effort it takes to pass their classes.


Alex Russell