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New Beginnings

“You’re hired” has been a frequently used phrase for YC’s athletic director in the last month. Three new coaches have been hired to help our sports program become as great as it can be. Football, volleyball, and basketball are all getting a fresh starts and are well deserving of it.  The infusion of new blood brings with it a feeling of excitement and freshness. The players are looking forward to putting their best foot forward in order to impress. A healthy dose of friendly competition is being doled out and we are all hoping it will cure our losing affliction.

Although I don’t currently have any information regarding the football and volleyball coaches specifically, I can happily inform you that the new women’s varsity basketball coach,  Niles Seibel, whose employment was confirmed last Tuesday, has already held his first scrimmage, laid out his practice schedule for summer ball and we are scheduled for a number of summer tournaments. He seems to be fully invested in our success and I would assume the others are as well.

We, as a school and a community, continue to be extremely grateful for the time and effort those who came before put forth in our growth as teams and as people. I am certain that we will all carry the best of  sportsmanship and honor we have been coached in to our next season and will show our new coaches the grit and determination it takes to be a YC athlete. Let’s move forward,  glancing  back to only that which has made us good but keeping our eyes, hearts and minds fixed on that which may make us great. US!