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About Us

How did Innovate Yamhill-Carlton start?

Innovate Oregon is a strategic initiative launched by the Technology Association of Oregon (TAO) focused on re-imagining how we develop the talent needed to build an inclusive, innovation-based economy. This initiative recognizes that every aspect of our economy is being rapidly transformed by new digital technologies and that it is essential we develop a workforce with the skills and mindsets necessary for innovation.

The partnership of Innovate Oregon and the Yamhill-Carlton School District has been transformative for the school and the community. Not only has Yamhill-Carlton established its own Innovate initiative, the school is continuing to develop new teaching methodologies utilizing an agile learning approach modeled after leading industry practices. It has launched a new Career Academy and is piloting its first after-school team focused on building and using autonomous drones in agricultural applications.

What is happening currently?

Yamhill-Carlton is currently embarking upon several strategic agreements with companies to develop new innovation initiatives with a particular focus on issues related to agriculture, the mainstay of our local economy. These partnerships include members of the local community such as Ben VanDyke of VanDyke Farms.

How can I help?

There are two ways to help out this initiative.  We want to provide the students at Yamhill Carlton High School with every opportunity to grow as we continue to develop a culture of innovation. This involves not only monetary support, but also mentorship and skill support.  If you, or someone you know has a special skill that you think would be beneficial to students growth, please contact the school for more information.